Fall Business Model Competition

Fall Business Model Competition

In the Fall semester, the CIE hosts a business model competition following the guidelines of the International Business Model Competition.  This is a lower burden way to craft a business idea. It focuses on talking to customers and rapidly iterating through variations of your solution to get to something customers want quickly.

There are two tracks in the competition. The first, the open track, is for any traditional for-profit business. The second, the social entrepreneurship track, focuses on businesses that seek to accomplish a social mission in addition to building a sustainable business.

There are two rounds:

Round 1

Submit to us a completed business model canvas (We use the Lean Canvas). Registration is open!  You can submit your entry using by clicking Get Involved

Round 2

After we coach you up on completing the business model canvas and customer validation techniques, you will submit a final business canvas.  Judges from within the university will review the models and invite participants for the final round.  The finalists will be invited to present your canvas to a panel of judges from the industry and investment communities.  The judges will choose the winners. We’d like you to use the template we provide.


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