Student Business Consulting Application

Please review before submitting the form

The undersigned requests business consulting services performed by a team from the University of Mississippi Student Business Consultants program. The Consulting Services are provided without charge to the Client. This application is non-binding. The work to be conducted by Student Consulting Team will be specified in the Engagement Letter and Statement of Work to be executed following the initial meeting with the Client. At the conclusion of the engagement Client agrees to participant in a survey evaluating the Consultants’ performance and allow the University to publicize certain details about the consulting engagement for educational purposes or promotion that would further the development of the Consulting Program. It is understood that all parties have agreed: (1) to keep all information of any type learned or developed during the course of the consulting engagement confidential except information released with the consent of the owning party; (2) to not to solicit or accept any compensation for the work performed hereto except that provided by the University; (3) to not use any information or knowledge developed during the course of the engagement to start or enter a business that would complete with Client; (4) to not to request or accept fees or commissions from 3rd parties that may supply goods or services to the Client company as a result of the Consultants recommendations. In consideration of these agreements and the furnishing of consulting services, Client hereby waives any and all claims against the University of Mississippi, its students, faculty, volunteers, or sponsors, arising from the provision of the requested consulting services. Within 14 days of receipt of this application Client will be informed of acceptance and the approximate time frame to start the consulting engagement.