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  • 2022 "Servin' the South" Business Model Competition
  • Charlene Neal Customer Discovery Grant
  • CIE Mentor Network
  • CIE Family Business Symposium
  • CIE Discovery Grant
  • Entrepreneurship Major
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2022 "Servin' the South" Business Model Competition

On November 10, 2022, the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship will host the Mid-South Business Model Competition. Colleges and universities from around the mid-south are invited to have their best businesses present their business model to our judges.

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Charlene Neal Customer Discovery Grant

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CIE Mentor Network

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CIE Family Business Symposium

2022 CIE Family Business Symposium

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CIE Discovery Grant

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Entrepreneurship Major

Be Ready - Study Entrepreneurship

The average graduate will work for 8 employers by the time you are 30. You can’t trust an employer to help you find career and market opportunities anymore. You need a degree that gets you ready to take on the challenges you will find outside Ole Miss. This is it.

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