2023 Family Business Symposium Attendee Spotlight

2023 Family Business Symposium Attendee Spotlight – Ricky Myers

Rickey Myers, CEO of RAM Pharmaceuticals, was one of over 160 family business professionals in attendance at the 2023 It’s All Relative Family Business Symposium hosted by the Ole Miss Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) Legacy Leadership Program.

Ricky Myers is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi and holds a bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management/Marketing. Myers faced a constant struggle with mouth ulcers during his younger years, enduring the painful use of silver nitrate sticks as the sole remedy available. As he approached his 40s, he realized that there were no effective over-the-counter medications that dentists and doctors could recommend for this problem.

With a successful career spanning over three decades, Myers is a seasoned businessman who possesses a deep commitment to guiding and supporting individuals and organizations in achieving greater heights of success. Throughout his extensive experience, Myers has had the privilege of working with renowned national corporations, managing their operations, and even establishing his own ventures.

RAM Pharmaceuticals was established by Myers in 2009. With a long history of effectively reorganizing, constructing, and revitalizing various enterprises, Myers felt the need to embark on a fresh and personal endeavor. This led him to create a cutting-edge device that could effectively deliver medication to every part of the mouth.

In addition to alleviating the discomfort caused by Aphthous Stomatitis, a condition characterized by recurring ulcerative mouth lesions, this device offers potential benefits for Oncology Patients, HIV Patients, and Silk Road Disease patients who experience severe ulcerative mouth lesion problems. Myers remains dedicated to empowering healthcare providers with the capability to address not only the symptoms but also the underlying causes of these issues.

Myers learned of the Family Business symposium through Liza Cirlot Looser, Founder, CEO and Chairman of The Cirlot Agency and CIE Advisory Board member.

“It was the best thing she’s ever recommended for me,” Myers said. “Even though I’m relatively new to the family business industry; there was a lot that I took away from the symposium.

“One thing I learned is to think forward. I already have one son in business with me so now I’m figuring out how to work cooperatively with family members to meet the ultimate goal.”

Despite being the owner of four other businesses, Myers is currently prioritizing RAM Pharmaceuticals due to its recent venture into product production.

“With bringing my family into the business, I also learned how to handle the legal structure that comes with that. I met and spoke with many individuals at the symposium who have been in the family business industry for years!”

Myers has engaged in discussions with approximately 20 family business owners in Hattiesburg and the surrounding areas since the symposium. “I want to get these people involved,” he said.

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