REDe Entrepreneurship Summit

Nov 11, 2021

Event Overview

REDe Entrepreneurship Summit is an annual speaker event the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) launched since 2018. Our goal for the REDe Summit is to inspire students with varied academic backgrounds, such as in the arts, engineering, pharmacy, or business, to engage in entrepreneurship.

This summit is created to encourage, celebrate, and enhance entrepreneurial endeavors among Ole Miss students across campus, with a different focus each year.

Speaking at this year’s REDe Summit is Marcus Bullock. Convicted of car theft at age 15, Bullock spent 8 years in prison. Although he could have easily givenup hope, having little-to-no contact with the outside world, he instead found his vision. Using his experiences, he created Flikshop Inc; a service that allows inmates to get assistance from nonprofit organizations and, most importantly, stay in touch with loved ones. Over 140,000 prisoners currently use Flikshop.

Marcus Bullock will be speaking at this year’s REDe Entrepreneurship Summit.

Nov. 11, 10:00-11:30am

JAC Main Event Center


Past speakers

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Event Details

JAC Main Event Center

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