Family Business Symposium Attendee Spotlight – Amy Walker

Highlighting another of our family business owners registered for the upcoming “It’s All Relative” 2022 Ole Miss Family Business Symposium hosted by the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, we spoke with Amy Walker, a third-generation family member and board of director at Ergon, Inc.

Founded in 1954 by Walker’s grandfather Leslie Lampton, Ergon, Inc. has over 50 companies spanning across six business segments, with Walker working in sales for their asphalt and emulsions division. The company employees over 3,200 employees across the world, with their headquarters located in Flowood, Miss.

When asked what she’s most proud of, Walker is honored to continue her family’s story, which now spans across eight decades.

“Being able to continue the legacy that my grandfather built in 1954 with $13,000 in signings,” Walker said. “Our employees are our family and have built our company to what it is today.”

She notes the need for a resource like the Family Business Symposium in Mississippi, and is looking forward to its benefits in supporting the state.

“Mississippi family-owned businesses are the heartbeat of the state,” said Walker. “We as family businesses need a place to be able to go to gain knowledge, share information, and learn how to help us plan for many generations to come.”

The knowledge that each attendee can both give and take isn’t the only piece of the event Walker sees advantageous. Strengthening a network of Mississippi family business owners is a value that she thinks can be beneficial for the future.

“I also look forward to sharing with Ole Miss, the needs that family businesses have to help them better learn how to build this unbelievable resource to helps serve family businesses for decades to come,” said Walker. “I’m so excited that Ole Miss has seen this need and is building a learning center to help family businesses continue.”

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