CIE Launches New Board

CIE Launches Board with Inaugural Meeting

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) at The University of Mississippi hosted its first board meeting in March at the Pavilion at Ole Miss.

The board is the first of the CIE since its inception in 2014. It is comprised of five members from a variety of entrepreneurial backgrounds.

“With the recent growth of the CIE and its programs,” said Cobie Watkins, the director of student and alumni programs for the CIE, “it’s time that we have a board of experienced entrepreneurial experts at the helm.”

The members include chairman Johnny Maloney, CEO of Cowboy Maloney’s; Jason Grant, founder of Clean Getaway Car Wash; John David Sullivan, owner of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services and Beach Properties of Florida; Emmet Seibels, co-founder of Verus Healthcare; and Bob Jacobs, founder of The Symbiosis Company.

The CIE is elated to have this team of individuals to help guide the department and students.