Student Business Consulting Program Reports its Most Successful Semester to Date

In its second academic year since its formation, the Student Business Consulting Program spring semester of 2016 was the most successful semester it had experienced so far in terms of number, complexity, and diversity of projects. The program was comprised of twenty student consultants- eight juniors, ten seniors, and two MBA candidates, this being the first time MBA’s were added to the program.

The spring semester of the program had a total of 10 projects. Some of the projects conducted by the student consultants included: creating a commercialization plan for a liver nodular diagnostic technology, offering financial analysis and operational recommendations, performing a series of analyses and evaluations for start-up companies, and aiding in the promotional campaign for a new general business curriculum.

At the conclusion of the 2015-2016 academic year, the Student Business Consulting program had completed 16 projects performed by 38 student consultants. The students worked over 1,000 hours on client projects during the spring 2016 semester.

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