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Meet Emily!

Emily came on board as a Student Business Consultant in the fall semester of her senior year. She worked previously with the CIE in the Gillespie Business Model competition where her product, The Power Heel, took 2nd place. After speaking with Owens Alexander about the SBC program, she was excited to see if she could redeem a spot on the team. She holds a background in college athletics, particularly with softball, where she played for Ole Miss for two years. Her experiences with sports taught her a lot about herself, but primarily she found the most fulfillment in the work that involves a team, and efforts to help other people achieve their goals. This last semester, she was granted the opportunity to work with an inventor, Mr. Tommy Ellis, on his fishing rod holder, The Blackwater Rod Master. While the product details are still protected, she believes that through working with Mr. Ellis, and the BRM, she has gained invaluable knowledge about prototyping, licensing, and small business building. She looks forward to continuing work with Mr. Ellis this semester, as well as adding various market research projects for the University, and Miss Allyson Best.

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