Student Feature | Meet Jennie!

Meet Jennie!

Currently Jennie works as a Student Business Consultant through the CIE. Last semester, she worked on a team where they created social media platforms for the client that saved her a thousand dollars in advertising expenses. Also, they collaborated with another local Oxford business so that their client could broaden her scope of clients she was reaching.

Last semester, she worked with a small locally owned business within Oxford. The woman who owns this business teaches art classes, camps, and has in house sessions. Her main goal was to acquire a place to teach classes. Jennie’s team collaborated with a different small locally owned business to allow the art business to teach sewing classes in a room of the other company. Also as a team, they set up a Facebook and Instagram page for this business that now has 138 likes on Facebook and 154 followers on Instagram. It was a pleasure working with the owner as she was always positive and showed up every meeting with a smile.

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