Zyn Careers’s New Technology Seeks to Make Employees Happier

After leaving a job he initially thought he would love, recent University of Mississippi graduate Alexander Ray decided there had to be a company that was a better fit for him.

He then researched what it would take for job seekers to find the perfect company, and developed a job searching site that uses a propriety algorithm to connect people to jobs using a series of questions to rate what qualities the seeker finds valuable in a potential employer.

“I started researching and found out that more than half of Americans are unhappy at work. At any given time, over 6 million people are looking for a new job, and over one-third of people quit their new job within the first six months, largely due to job satisfaction issues,” said Ray.

That led Ray to Dr. Richard Gentry, the Director of the Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He was a student in Dr. Gentry’s strategic management class at the university, and Alex knew he should speak to him about his new idea. He knew Dr. Gentry was knowledgeable about what it takes to start businesses and what it takes to make them successful.

Through working with Dr. Gentry and the CIE staff, Ray’s business is continuing to grow and develop into the successful company he wanted.

“Having mentors who are knowledgeable in our areas, and experienced in entrepreneurship, has been invaluable in helping us develop from an idea to a real working company,” explained Ray. “The [CIE] staff talks with you about your ideas and challenges you to make them better.”

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