CIE Discovery Grant

Launching a new business is inherently risky. Most startup companies are unsuccessful, and those that lack insight into their customers and neglect to solve an unmet market problem are certainly poised for failure. Validating an idea with Customer Discovery early on is important to provide proof of product-market fit.

The CIE Discovery Grant program will provide customer discovery micro-grants to entrepreneurial minded students who wish to begin the journey to create a business venture by first validating the key assumptions about the potential business.

Grant Amount: $250

Program Eligibility: Applicants may be any undergraduate student currently enrolled in any college or school of the university, and in good academic and financial standing. Grants will be awarded to students based on the quality of their application and availability of funds. A student may receive a maximum of two grants per academic year.

Selection: The selection and awarding of the grant will be at the sole discretion of the CIE staff based on the application quality and a follow-up interview with the staff. A second grant may be awarded based on the progress and results demonstrated with the initial grant.  Grants are awarded on a first come first serve basis.

Recipients will be given a copy of the book Talking To Humans by Giff Constable, and provided other CIE resources to assist in the customer discovery process.

Application and Requirements: Recipients should execute a MOU document agreeing to use the funds only for the intended purpose and to agree to provide a report on the customer discovery activities and results at 30-day and 60-day internals following the receipt of the funds.

Start your application by filling out the form below. Any questions, please contact the CIE office by visiting Conner 10 or sending an email to

CIE Discovery Grant

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