International Business Model Competition Oxford Regional Qualifier

On December 6, 2019, Ole Miss hosts a regional qualifier for the International Business Model Competition. During a one-day event, colleges and universities from around the mid-south are invited to have their best student teams present their business model to our judges.  The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Ole Miss will sponsor the winning team to compete in the international competition in May 2020. Each team will present once in the afternoon to determine who will progress to the international competition. All student teams, anywhere in the country, who meet the eligibility requirements nationwide are invited to submit their application, Ole Miss has specifically invited 60 higher-education institutions in Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Alabama.


During the Friday event, mentors and students are invited to watch all the pitches. Mentors are also invited to mingle in the Center’s office as we work to build a mid-south ecosystem. Final Round pitching will begin around 1 PM and wrap up around 4 PM.  The winners will be announced close to 5 PM on that Friday before the event concludes. The Ole Miss event will be held the same day as the IBMC with an open competition round beginning early in the morning.  We are having a single day “everyone pitches” event to accommodate more teams and help more students get experience.  If you apply, your odds of being invited to come to Oxford are very high.

Initial Submission Process (Apply by Nov.17, 2019)

Initial submissions will likely follow the guidelines for submission to the open round segment of the International Competition.

1)  Create a 5-8 minute video presentation describing the customer discovery and validation you have been through with your idea and business model. You may use PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi or any other presentation software. The presentation needs to be narrated and saved as a video file.

2)  Upload your video to YouTube (if you want to keep your video hidden mark it as “unlisted” NOT “private,” only someone logged into your account can watch your videos marked private).

3) Submissions are open! Submit your video and we’ll get back in touch with you by Nov. 22.

What your submission should contain

The judges are looking for examples of meaningful and continued communication with customers.  They’d like to hear that you’ve thought about your business in a way that is hypothesis-driven and focused on the customer, rather than focusing on building out a business plan. Here are the criteria that the judges are using to evaluate your submission.  Below, is an example of a submission to the International competition from 2016.  The video is reasonably polished and makes good use of colors and the business model canvas. This kind of video can be made pretty easily by recording voice over a PowerPoint presentation or make it directly on your phone using something like Spark Video on your phone.



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